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Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 22 May 2018, 14:54
by cpcanoesailor
The wind came back, and I had quite a nice sail over to Jericho Sailing Center (dinghy mecca in Vancouver), where I anchored off the beach, called my wife and tried to come up with a plan. Hauling out, breaking down the boat and transporting across the city would take taken a whole day and a lot of hard work. Buying another motor didn't seem like a good idea since we didn't know where the problem was. And it was now 4pm and I couldn't leave the boat where it was.

I ended up hiring C-Tow to tow LOL and me back through the harbour to Barnet. I was a rough ride at first, and LOL got quite wet, but thankfully nothing broke. And I was able to be home in time to haul out the boat before the park closed. A tidy ending, except the tow bill cost about what LOL is worth.

I think I can fix the motor, but I'm tired of struggling with a too-heavy prototype boat (for a dinghy yard) that isn't a stellar performer, and takes work to sail. I'm going to fix the motor and think about this for a while. Maybe it's time to move on.

Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 23 May 2018, 10:49
by tdem
What an adventure! Hard luck with the lost equipment and monies, but at least you're safe and sound.

Do you have an idea of what the next iteration of LOL would look like? It seems from your last few sentences you really want something light and simple. But your outings all seem to favour a boat that can be overnighted on comfortably. Very conflicting requirements.

Or have you cured the proa bug altogether?

Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 23 May 2018, 15:20
by cpcanoesailor
Do you have an idea of what the next iteration of LOL would look like?
Probably like a catamaran or trimaran, because I don't want to build another boat for at least a few years, if ever. Yes, my requirements are conflicted, and they probably mirror my conflicted state of mind. ;)

I've had to abandon the idea of sailing across the Strait of Georgia next weekend because of the motor problems, although I know how to fix it now. A poor connection overheated.

I think proas are great when not sailing in constricted areas, and when you don't have to move them on land. Other types of boats are better suited to trailering, but all multihulls need to shrink their beam when on the road. A proa is more awkward than a cat or tri on a trailer because is doesn't balance itself.

Sailing in areas with strong tides demands a reliable motor. I guess I'm saying that LOL's failure on this trip was not because he's a proa, but a question of equipment reliability, and what I expected from it. Maybe I expected too much.

Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 23 May 2018, 21:35
by RobinBennett
I hate to say it, but a 2hp gas engine would solve a lot of problems, for relatively little cost and effort.

> and when you don't have to move them on land.

I think that's more to do with the length of the boat - any other configuration of the same length would be heavier.

Have you considered making the beams fold? If you put the hinge about a third of the way from the centreline (roughly at the edge of the platform), they'd fold over the vaka and leave the same amount sticking out on the other side. You'd probably have to remove the ama to fold or unfold the beams, unless you had a few people to help.

I know how you feel though - I've not sailed at all this year because my usual crew (my daughter) is in the middle of exams, and I can't face carrying all the bits 100m from the dinghy park and lashing everything together on my own.

Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 25 May 2018, 13:22
by cpcanoesailor
I think if I could find a used Lehr 2hp propane engine, I would seriously consider it. They avoid most of the problems inherent with small gas outboards - carburetors, ethanol corrosion, gas destabilization. But they aren't that common.

I'm wary of folding akas, since my first attempt at them failed.

I'll wait and see for now. Maybe a day or two more of sailing...

Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 27 May 2018, 00:57
by Rob Zabukovec
Take a deep breath and don’t rush into anything. I know how you must feel.

A lot of my reduced sailing time and problems have been exacerbated by electric propulsion niggles.

Have a good look at some of the HP systems in R2AK. If I was in your shoes, I would catch a ferry across to Victoria when the boats are there and check them all out. I will also be revisiting HP either stand alone or bolt on... I have a couple of solutions which I want to run past Rick Willoughby when I meet up with him next month.

Found these recently, never heard of them before, but they have the highest grunt and long shafts for a reasonable amount of money:
https://pelican-trolling-motors.myshopi ... ucts/160lb

Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 30 May 2018, 13:48
by cpcanoesailor
Fixing the electric motor took 15 minutes - just replaced a bad crimp connector that overheated. Fixing the ama's launch cart took an hour.

I went for a day sail on Monday. A nice, easy down wind sail with reefs in. Anchored off the beach at Deep Cove and bought lunch. Several people were intrigued by LOL, and stopped to talk, or took photos.

When I sailed back, I couldn't make progress upwind against the current at one spot, so I motored through.

Later, I was working up wind when I shunted to avoid colliding with a large sloop. It turns out that it was my friend Mike, out with his kids. He shadowed me for a while, and could just match LOL's speed with his full main, no jib. I still had the reefs in.

When the wind died, I dropped the sails and motored. I tried running at full speed for a minute - 41.5A. The 40A breaker didn't trip, and the motor shaft flexed about 10 degrees from the torque. Then I backed off to 25A for about half an hour. I could still make progress into the 10 knot wind which had now returned.

Hauling out took most of an hour, mostly time to strap on the carts, winch LOL up the beach and into his spot.

It was a good day, but I think I'm ready to move on. No rush, though.

Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 24 Jun 2018, 02:51
by cpcanoesailor
I took LOL on a club outing today. The wind was gusty in the morning and light in the afternoon, and fickle. I got to sail downwind both ways, at least part way. LOL likes going downwind, even against current. I motored the rest of the time. It ran flawlessly after an initial tap to get it going. Maybe the brushes are getting glazed?

I got more 'cool boat' comments both on the water and at the park float where we ate lunch.

No exciting sailing, but still not a bad day.

Re: LOL sails again

Posted: 08 Jul 2018, 14:24
by cpcanoesailor
I had to try posting one more time. No wind yesterday, but I motored for over 2 hours yesterday evening to get fish and chips at Port Moody. No problems, even though I pushed it fairly hard and some wires were quite warm. The pack still seems fairly balanced. And some more 'cool boat' comments. My wife assures me that at least half of them are in jest. :)