Closing the Proaforum

Hey guys!

we’ve decided to shut down the Proaforum. Sven and I are both tied up with other commitments. We’re sad to let it go, but at the same time we hope that proa enthusiasts will find other places online to discuss proas, or that a member of our community will take up the reigns and create a new site.

The forum will close at the end of June and everything will be taken offline. Under the GDPR it is our legal obligation to protect our members’ privacy, and we will not transfer any private data (i.e. the forum database) to any third party.

There have been a lot of interesting conversations on the forum over the last few years, we thank everyone for all their contributions and we wish everyone who’s building and sailing their proas all the best in their current and future endeavors!

Best Regards,
Marco & Sven

P.S. — If you are thinking about setting up a successor to the Proaforum, please feel free to get in touch with us at